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This is a collection of misc. facts and/or hearsay that you may find of interest.

1. Proving the Southern Illinois Wheeler connection to Rowan County, NC and the children of William & Lucy:
From the McCubbins Collection of Rowan Co., NC comes an extract of a letter sent from Southern Illinois to Rowan Co., NC.  I have not seen this letter personally and would appreciate it if anyone who comes across it - please scan a copy for this site.  In the meantime, Thanks to Gene Wheeler, we have a copy of the actual McCubbins entry.  Click HERE to view it.
Book 24 page 823: On May 15 1818, William Wheeler Sr., William Wheeler Jr., Willis Wheeler & William Wheeler Sr. ("as father and guardian for Thomas, John, James, and Lucy Wheeler",) do appoint Henry Wheeler of White County Illinois our attorney to demand from Anderson Ellis (Exr. of the estate of Francis and Sarah Ellis deceased), all that is due us as the heirs of the deceased Lucy Wheeler (who was an heir of the deceased Francis & Sarah Ellis), witnessed by David Hay (Justice of the Peace in White Co., Indian Territory & James Ratcliff, Clerk of the Court of same county).
2. Who were the parents of Martha Ann & Nancy Jane Wheeler?
My grandmother, Thura (Campbell) Vikturek, did some basic genealogy recording back in the early 1940s. In her notes she indicated that Martha Ann & Nancy Jane Wheeler were half-sisters.  She recorded that they were the step daughter and daughter of William Wheeler. The will of William Wheeler seems to validate that as it lists only the children of Nancy as his descendants, but not those of Martha. I have found that most of Thura's information was recorded from 'word of mouth' or 'family traditions'.

According to both the 1850 & 1860 censuses, Martha Ann was born about 1812. This would have made her barely 16 when she married John Campbell in 1828. Since she was born about 1812 and William Wheeler, Jr., about 1797, I would have to say that she probably is the step daughter as he would have only been about 15 at the time of her birth.

My Grandmother was the grand daughter of Pernecy Wheeler, who was the grand daughter of William Wheeler Sr., through his son Robert Lewis Wheeler. She was also the grand daughter of William H. Campbell, who was the grand son of William Wheeler, Jr. through his daughter/step daughter Martha Ann Wheeler.



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