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This page contains extracted marriage records and related notes for all Wheeler marriages (sorted by date) I have located for the Rowan Co., North Carolina, Kentucky & Tennessee (for the years 1804-1814), and the Illinois counties of Gallatin, Hamilton, and White up to 1900. The sources I used to create this list are:

1. Early marriages of Hamilton Co., were transcribed by me in 1976 while at the courthouse in McLeansboro. I believe what I viewed was the WPA index. Since my notes have now become 'corrupt' with added information during the past 30 years, there may be information here that is NOT in the WPA index.

2. Marriage Records and Related Notes, Hamilton Co., Illinois 1821-1854 by Harold G. Felty.

3. Ancestry.com databases covering KY, TN, and IL marriages.

4. The Illinois statewide marriage index located here. It only includes the 1821 - 1824 marriages for Hamilton Co.

5. Extracts from the Illinois Gazette newspaper 25 Sep 1819 - 18 Dec 1830.

NOTE: The date column in this list does NOT indicate the date of marriage in all cases. Sometimes the date is when the couple applied for the license to marry.

Wheeler Marriages, Rowan Co., NC up to 1810
Wheeler name Spouse Date County Remarks/Notes
William Lucy Ellis 15 Feb 1791 Rowan This is the first record of William & Lucy (Ellis) Wheeler. This is from the McCubbins Collection.Click HERE to view it.
Wheeler Marriages, all of Kentucky & Tennessee 1804-1814
Wheeler name Spouse Date County Remarks/Notes
William Judith Cannon 24 Dec 1804 Christian Co., KY  
William Margaret Rolston 29 Jul 1806 Nicholas Co., KY The second marriage of our William Sr. was to a Margaret/Peggy. If this was the marriage, then why does the 1810 territorial census of Randolph County show William without a female over 10 in the house?
Anna William Morgan 17 Mar 1808 Mason Co., KY  
William Ann Matthes 03 Jan 1811 Henderson Co., KY There are some genealogies that claim this is our William Sr.'s second marriage. I am not convinced it is.
William Nancy Watson 02 Sep 1811 Blount Co., TN  
William Mildred White 25 Jan 1812 Adair Co., KY  
William, Jr. Elizabeth Little 04 Nov 1813 Washington Co., TN Is this our William Jr.? He would have only been 16 at this time. Plus, why would he go back to TN since he should be in White Co., IL by this time.
Wheeler Marriages, Gallatin, Hamilton, & White Co., IL 1800 - 1900
Gallatin County is formed from Randolph County in 1812. According to this web site, the marriages in Randolph County from 1812 to 1818 were burned. Could this be where our two William Wheeler marriages were?
Betsey William Miller 3 Aug 1813 Gallatin  
White County is formed from Gallatin County on 19 Dec 1815.
Illinois becomes a state in 1818.
Wheeler name Spouse Date County Remarks/Notes
Willis Rebecca Charles 5 Jan 1819 White This is the second son of William Sr. from his marriage to Lucy Ellis. The statewide IL index shows the year as 1818. It also mispells his name as Willia. Rebecca was a widow and came with a daughter, Polly.
Henry Priscilla Mayberry 14 Aug 1820 White This is the first son of William Sr. from his marriage to Lucy Ellis.
Erastus Mrs. Julia M'Mullen 8 Jul 1821 Gallatin Married in Edwardsville, Madison Co., IL. Extracted from Illinois Gazette. Who is this?
Hamilton County is formed from White County in 1821.
John Patsy Willis 7 Aug 1824 Hamilton This is the fifth son of William Sr. from his marriage to Lucy Ellis. A license was issued but the certificate of marriage was never returned. John Wheeler bought land in White County on 22 Feb 1819. He is also listed as a Private in Capt. Ardin Biggerstaff's Co. during the Black Hawk War (1832).
Thomas Ann Celia Reed 24 Apr 1828 Hamilton This is the fourth son of William Sr. from his marriage to Lucy Ellis. Thomas Wheeler bought land in White County on 22 Feb 1819. 
James  Elizabeth Hampton 17 Dec 1828 Hamilton This is the sixth son of William Sr. from his marriage to Lucy Ellis.
Martha Ann John Camell 21 Dec 1828 Hamilton This marriage was performed by Wm Wheeler. Sr. She is shown as the daughter of William Wheeler, Jr. According to both the 1850 & 1860 censuses, Martha Ann was born about 1812. This would have made her barely 16 when she married John Campbell. My grandmother (Thura Campbell) recorded in the early 1940s that she was the step daughter of William Wheeler. Since she was born about 1812 and William Wheeler, Jr., about 1797, I would have to say that she probably is the step daughter. No marriage record could be found for William Jr.
Francis William Miller 1 Dec 1829 White Who is this? The statewide IL index shows 2 Nov 1829.
Nancy J William Campbell 7 Nov 1833 Hamilton Nancy J. is the sister (or half-sister) of Martha Ann Wheeler (from the marriage on 21 Dec 1828) and the daughter (according to my grandmother, Thura Campbell & the marriage record) of William Wheeler, Jr. William Campbell is the brother of the John Campbell (from the marriage on 21 Dec 1828). 
R. L. Mariah Gill 23 Feb 1837 Hamilton This is Robert Lewis Wheeler and Mariah Campbell. Robert Lewis is the son of William Wheeler, Sr. through his second marriage to Margaret/Peggy. Mariah (Campbell) Gill is the sister of the John and William Campbell marriage entries listed above. They were all the children of John & Ellenor (Denton) Campbell from Maury/Williamson county, TN. This marriage ended in divorce in Oct 1856 in Hamilton county.
Artimissa William L. Stevens 16 Oct 1837 Hamilton Artimissa is the daughter of William Wheeler, Sr. through his second marriage to Margaret/Peggy. That would make her the sister of the R.L. Wheeler listed above. This marriage may not be in the WPA index.  The Illinois marriages before 1850 and Illinois marriages 1790-1860 on Ancestry.com both show the date as 6 Oct 1837.
John Malinda Moreland 30 Nov 1837 Gallatin  
Abner Eliza Crissel 13 Jan 1838 Hamilton The Illinois marriages before 1850 and Illinois marriages 1790-1860 on Ancestry.com both show the date as 14 Jan 1839.
Josiah Elizabeth Putman 4 Oct 1838 Gallatin  
Francis R John Henry 17 Jun 1839 Gallatin  
Anderson Sarah Harrawood 18 Mar 1841 Hamilton  
Alfred Georgia Ann Harris 23 Apr 1842 Hamilton  
James, Sr. Sally Ann Hamilton 9 May 1844 Hamilton  
Elisabeth David C. Griffith 2 Oct 1845 Hamilton  
Elizabeth Willis Moreland 29 Nov 1845 Gallatin  
Abner Elizabeth Clark 24 Jan 1846 Hamilton The Illinois marriages before 1850 and Illinois marriages 1790-1860 on Ancestry.com both show the date as 29 Jan 1846.
James Elizabeth Riley 4 Mar 1846 Hamilton The Illinois marriages before 1850 and Illinois marriages 1790-1860 on Ancestry.com both show the date as 5 Mar 1846.
John Eliza Jane Harlan 22 Jul 1847 White  
Rachael Jane Hugh Clark 27 Jan 1848 Hamilton  
Nancy Jane Nathan Renfrow 29 Nov 1849 White  
Lucy John Harrowood 1 Apr 1852 Hamilton  
Frederick Mary Ann Betts 2 May 1852 Hamilton  
Pernecia Jesse Mann 30 Jun 1853 Hamilton This is also my direct line ancestor. Pernecy is the daughter of Robert L. Wheeler and Mariah (Campbell) Gill (see the marriage 23 Feb 1837). She was only 15 and 1/2 years old at the time of this marriage.
Elizabeth Samuel Dever 16 Oct 1853 Gallatin  
Elizabeth A. D. Blake 13 Jun 1854 Hamilton  
Margaret Henry M. Webb 13 Aug 1856 Hamilton  
George W. Jane Mann 20 Oct 1856 Hamilton  
Sarah Ann Robert Brown 23 Apr 1857 Gallatin  
Nancy J. James W. Justice ?? Aug 1857 Hamilton  
Henry Margery Brannan 13 Feb 1859 Hamilton  
Rebecca James Mann 9 Mar 1859 Hamilton  
Pernecy Samule Porter Hill 22 Mar 1859 Hamilton After Pernecy's Husband, Jesse Mann (see above) died from a lightening strike, she married Samuel Porter Hill.
Hellen William T. Sharp 21 Aug 1859 Hamilton  
Artamis A. M. Stafford 27 Sep 1859 Hamilton Artimissa was the sister of Pernecy Wheeler (see 30 Jun 1853 & 22 Mar 1859)
William T. Sarah E. Hardester 15 Dec 1859 Hamilton  
Willis Mary J. Bramon 5 Jan1860 Hamilton  
John Lucretia A. McMahon May 3, 1860 Hamilton  
Catherine Samuel Fairweather Nov 6, 1860 Hamilton  
Mary Robert Hill Jan 15, 1861 Hamilton  
Willis Elisabeth Smith Feb 5, 1861 Hamilton  
Elizabeth J. Lewis Frazier 27 Jun 1861 Hamilton  
George W. Sarah J. Oliver 31 Jul 1861 Hamilton  
Lucinda Jacob H. Allen 31 Jul 1862 Hamilton  
Solomon Dorinda E. Thompson 15 Jan 1863 Hamilton  
Rebecca Joseph Barnes 20 Aug 1865 Hamilton  
Eliza James K. Polk McMahan 25 Mar 1866 Hamilton  
William M. Mary A. McMahon 3 May 1866 Hamilton  
Willis A. Louisa Hill 5 Jan 1867 White The statewide IL index shows the year as 1868.
John C. Carrie Romine 7 Mar 1867 Hamilton  
Willis A. Mary Caroline Millspaugh 10 Mar 1867 White  
Louisa William H. Crow 24 Aug 1867 Hamilton  
Mary A. Francis M. Renfro 17 Oct 1868 Hamilton  
William Mary Burrous 27 Oct 1870 Gallatin  
Mrs Nancy Philip Snow 31 Jul 1871 Gallatin  
Mary A. George W. Shoptough 27 Aug 1871 White  
Susan Joseph Taylor 7 Mar 1873 Hamilton  
Laura M Josh Easly 23 Jul 1873 Hamilton  
John Harriet Oliver 29 Jan 1874 Hamilton  
William R Fannie R Ralph 19 Oct 1874 Gallatin  
Elizabeth James Hall 19 May 1878 White  
Burton Mrs Delila Gunter 27 Jul 1879 Gallatin  
Josephine B William A Johns 7 Apr 1880 Gallatin  
William N. Rebecca H. Taylor 11 Apr 1880 White  
Orval Mattie Donaldson 25 Nov 1880 White  
Flora M. Robert A. Gott 3 Dec 1880 White  
William Henry Sarah Ann Epperson 25 Jan 1881 White  
James W Emma E Henry 24 Nov 1881 Gallatin  
Lucy A James A Brannon 17 Jan 1883 Gallatin  
Charles W. Emma M. West 4 Mar 1888 White  
Ada A. Loran K. Bolerjack 3 Oct 1888 White  
Mrs. Matilda William McKenzie 19 Mar 1889 White The Statewide index shows Mrs Matilda Schnider Wheeler.
Elijah D. Laura West 30 Jun 1889 White  
Edward Lizzie B Dixon 5 Sep 1889 Gallatin  
Mrs. Susie John Henderson 20 Dec 1891 White The statewide IL index shows Mrs. Susie Torence Wheeler.
Mrs. Eliza J. William Harrell 9 Mar 1892 White The statewide IL index shows Mrs. Eliza J. Harlan Wheeler.
W George Josephine Asbell 26 May 1892 Gallatin  
Laura E Frank Benson 20 Dec 1892 Gallatin  
William T Mrs Sarah Qurtuoms 25 Jan 1893 Gallatin  
William J Lillie Wheeler 25 Jun 1893 Gallatin  
Eula John P. Hill 10 Mar 1894 White The statewide IL index shows 1895.
Isaac Mrs. Clara Ross 4 Apr 1894 White The statewide IL index shows Mrs Clara Youngs Ross.
Cora A. Henry Wakeford Jr. 1 May 1894 White The statewide IL index shows 1895.
Harvey A. Nellie B. Hail 13 Oct 1894 White The statewide IL index shows 1895.
John M Virdie Cox 3 Dec 1897 Gallatin  
Edward Lestie Fox 17 Dec 1898 White  
D A Mrs C C B Hawley Richards 12 Jan 1899 Gallatin  
Verna M. William T. Allen 3 May 1900 White  
Dica Harry H Hollis 26 May 1900 Gallatin  
John D. Minnie E. Farris 22 Jul 1900 White  
Nannie G J R Seward 28 Nov 1900 Gallatin  


If you believe there are typos on here, please let me know. Some of this was transcribed into a tape recorder in the mid 1970s and then transferred to paper via typewriter in the late 1970s. There were mistakes made.



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