This page contains links to the record of marriage for Johann Heinrich Jannink & Fennechien Lena Lambers in Nieuw Schoonebeek, Netherlands on 7 Sep 1851. It was recorded in the civil registration records of Dalen, Drenthe, Netherlands on LDS film # 0233568.  Clicking on each link in the text below will open a new window with the image.  Right click the image to save it to your computer and then close the window.

This first link is to their marriage declaration which was made on 30 Aug 1851. It is 312K in size.

This second link is to their marriage proclamation which was made the next day, 31 Aug 1851. It is 264K in size.

This third link is to their marriage banns (a public announcement of their proposed marriage) which was made 7 Sep 1851. It is 184K in size.

And the final link is to their marriage record on 27 Sep 1851. It is 220K in size.